Words from CEO


Since everyone is aware that co-operative is the backbone of every country, cooperative has been developed as a collective effort of the low-income people to meet their minimum human needs. The interim constitution of Nepal has also accepted cooperative as one of the three pillars of the country’s economy.

In deed, the role of member based genuine cooperative has grown further in the present context. Panchashil Multipurpose Cooperative Ltd (PMCL) established in 2056 BC and known as member-based and community-based cooperative has followed cooperative values, norms and principles since its establishment. It has developed its own identity in Nepali cooperative movement.  PMCL is determined to transform  as the A Model Cooperative standing on the past experiences & achievements. 

I’m thankful to all the members, personalities & agencies who are always there to support PMCL on each and every step of progress. The success of PMCL is only possible because of the support of all of you. 

At last I want you to remind you that PMCL is always there to help you to solve your financial needs.   “Mero Panchashil, Tapaiko Panchashil, Hamro Panchashil”

Thank You 
Raju Khatiwada