About Company


Panchashil Multipurpose Co-operative Ltd (PMCL) was established under the cooperative Act 2048 (regd. no. 43/056/057) by the authority of Nepal Government under the initiative of different experienced people on their related field.
It has been performing its entire task from the head office situated at Lalitpur-19,Kumaripati.
In today’s rapid changing world, people are quite aware of the importance of finance.
PMCL collects the money from public in attractive interest rate and to utilize it to raise the living standard of farmers, labors and unemployed low-income grass-rooted people as well as to the industrialist of our country who are not able to extend their business because of financial problems.
That means PMCL supports public financially and invests in different skill-oriented, cash-oriented, product-oriented and income generating skills to make them capable, independent and successful and establish them in the related field.